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New Chinese style cheongsam

S-Bust: 82cm Waist: 70cm Hips: 92cm Length: 111cm Sleeve length: 22cmM-Bust: 84cm Waist: 74cm Hips: ..

RM 179.00

Printed Slim Fit Waist Cheongsam

S-Bust: 74-102cm Waist: 68-86cm Hips: 82-100cm Length: 84cm Sleeve length: 19cmM-Bust: 78-106cm Wais..

RM 139.00

Modified version cheongsam with pearl straps

S-Bust: 80cm Waist: 66cm Hips: 84cm Length: 110cmM-Bust: 84cm Waist: 68cm Hips: 86cm Length: 110cmL-..

RM 159.00

Lace slim-fitting improved cheongsam

S-Bust: 80-90cm Waist: 66-80cm Hips: 84-100cm Length: 81cm Sleeve length: 18cmM-Bust: 82-92cm Waist:..

RM 89.00

Pink off-shoulder ruffled slim-fit cheongsam

M-Bust: 72-120cm Waist: 60-100cm Hips: 64-120cm Length: 87cmL-Bust: 76-124cm Waist: 64-120cm Hips: 7..

RM 89.00

Improved version of cheongsam

S-Bust: 72-82cm Waist: 66cm Hips: 90cm Length: 76cmM-Bust: 74-84cm Waist: 72cm Hips: 92cm Length: 77..

RM 149.00

Suspender navel-baring cross top + patterned high-waist pants and skirt suit

S-Top-Bust: 78cm Waist: 70cm Length: 33cmSkirt - Waist: 62cm Hips: 92cm Skirt length: 36cm Leg width..

RM 169.00

Puff sleeve modified version cheongsam

S-Bust: 80cm Waist: 70cm Hips: 88cm Length: 82cm Sleeve length: 26cmM-Bust: 84cm Waist: 74cm Hips: 9..

RM 109.00

High quality puff sleeve crop top + high waist embroidered shorts set

S-Top-Bust: 80-96cm Waist: 72-94cm Length: 38cm Sleeve length: 16cmPants - Waist: 64cm Hips: 94cm Pa..

RM 199.00

Furry fringed cropped top + high-waisted A-line skirt suit

S-top-bust: 82cm, length: 30cmSkirt - Waist: 66cm Hips: 90cm Skirt length: 38cmM-Top-Bust: 86cm Leng..

RM 199.00

High-quality floral cropped top + high-waisted A-line shorts set

S-Top-Bust: 74cm Waist: 66cm Length: 38cmPants - Waist: 66cm Hips: 92cm Pants length: 35cm Leg width..

RM 179.00

Lace flower short top + high waist A-line skirt suit

S-Top-Bust: 76cm Waist: 66cm Length: 34cm Sleeve length: 18cmSkirt - Waist: 66cm Hips: 100cm Skirt l..

RM 189.00

High quality patchwork jacquard jumpsuit

S-Bust: 76cm Waist: 66cm Hips: 100cm Length: 72cm Sleeve length: 21cm Leg width: 64cm..

RM 149.00

Retro style puff sleeve crop top

S - Bust: 78cm Waist: 68cm Length: 34cm Sleeve length: 21cmM-Bust: 82cm Waist: 72cm Length: 34cm Sle..

RM 99.00

Retro Chinese style hollow slim fit top

Bust:62-110cmWaist:53-98cmClothes length: 41cmSleeve length: 11cmSize: Free size..

RM 69.00