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Korean style slim fit fake two-piece vest top

Bust: 68-86cm Waist: 70-84cm Length: 41cmSize: Free size Remark: With chest pad, which cannot be rem..

RM 59.00

U-neck curved top

Bust: 78-122cm Waist: 64-120cm Length: 48cm Sleeve length: 17cmSize: Free size..

RM 39.00

Satin shoulder pad bow shirt

Bust: 106cm Waist: 106cm Length: 57cm Sleeve length: 61cmSize: Free size..

RM 79.00

Black sexy V-neck lace vest

Bust: 68-80cm Waist: 64-78cm Length: 44cmSize: Free size Remarks: Shoulder straps are adjustable/com..

RM 69.00

Strapless off-shoulder bow puffy top

Bust: 72-118cm Waist: 94-130cm Length: 60cm Sleeve: 47cmSize: Free sizeRemark: Adjustable shoulder s..

RM 79.00

Strap vest + lace mesh two-piece top

Vest-bust: 64-82cm waist: 58-80cm length: 38cmTop-bust: 68cm waist: 58cm length: 43cm sleeve length:..

RM 69.00

French hollow lace top

Bust: 72-92cm Waist: 60-90cm Length: 42cm Sleeve length: 31cmSize: Free size Remark: With breast pad..

RM 89.00

Silver three-dimensional rose slim-fitting vest

Bust:66-76cmWaist:60-74cmClothes length: 52cmSize: Free size..

RM 59.00

High quality loose suit jacket

Bust: 114cm Waist: 108cm Length: 69cm Sleeve length: 58cmSize: Free size..

RM 109.00

Fresh floral chiffon strapless top

Bust: 66-84cmWaist: 64-80cmLength: 30cmSleeve length: 62cmSize: Free size..

RM 69.00

Cat rhinestone camisole

Bust: 72-90cm Waist: 66-88cm Length: 46cmSize: Free size Remark: With chest pads/adjustable shoulder..

RM 39.00

Classic Polo collar slim fit top

Bust: 70-104cm Waist: 62-102cm Length: 42cm Sleeve length: 12cmSize: Free size..

RM 49.00

Transparent mesh slim fit top

Bust: 64-90cm Waist: 54-86cm Length: 47cm Sleeve length: 41cmSize: Free size Remark: Including sleev..

RM 39.00